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Senior Analyst-Maritime Domain

  • Job reference: JO0000073588
  • Type: Contract
  • Remuneration: £425.00 per day (inside ir35)
  • Location: Hampshire
  • Sector: Defence
  • Start date: 06/08/2018
  • End date: 06/08/2019
  • Application deadline: 21/08/2018
  • Security Clearance: Security Check (SC)


This requirement comes from the Air and Maritime Environment Group within Dstl's Defence and Security Analysis Division and will include a number of key future research and procurement studies requiring expert knowledge resulting in a demand for an experienced and skilled resource. 

Key tasks and deliverables

They will provide analytical support to the models and processes required for the research into the future Above Water and Under Water Battle Space Studies. There is a requirement for an analyst with expertise to work with Dstl analysts in order to build internal capability.
·Support OA and Decision Support activities to the Under Water Battlespace Projects. Support will include establishing and maintaining effective communications and working relationships with Front Line Commands,
·Service Capability branches and Project Teams.
·The role includes helping stakeholders and customers to fully understand their problems and developing cost-effective solutions.
·Work will include the running and conducting output analysis of Military Judgement Panels and workshops to provide evidence for studies aswell as structuring and leading quantitative and qualitative analysis studies.


·Experience of Maritime Domain/Enablers analysis.
·Experience of working with and delivering to a wide range of customers and stakeholders including Capability branches, D Scrutiny, FLCs and PTs.
·Experience of contributing to OA papers for Business Case submissions.
·Knowledge of current DSD Policy and DSB Scenarios and their use.
·Experience and expertise in Operational Analysis using a range of models, tools and techniques and capable of delivering technical reports in challenging timescales.
·Experience in facilitation of Military Judgement Panels, presenting and engaging with senior stakeholders.
· Knowledge of current issues, drivers, threats and technologies in UW domain.


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