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Portfolio Manager

  • Job reference: JO0000073662
  • Type: Contract
  • Remuneration: £469.00 per day
  • Location: Bristol
  • Sector: Defence
  • Start date: 01/10/2019
  • End date: 02/03/2019
  • Application deadline: 15/08/2018
  • Security Clearance: Security Check (SC)


Evodia is looking to source for its Government Client a Portfolio Manager.

Evodia is looking to source for its Government Client a Portfolio Manager.

The role is inside the scope of IR35.

The role is a highly experienced/specialised SME responsible for leading the delivery of a Portfolio consisting of complex projects and Service Delivery activity. The role will also have significant responsibility for management of employees, including their own team. The role is responsible for providing expert advice and guidance in supporting the delivery of PM Function strategy, policy and solutions relevant to their specialist area. This will include regular interaction with both internal and external parties and involves advising internal and external stakeholders on complex and contentious issues that cannot be dealt with, or referred, by the employees who report directly to them.

Specifically, the role is responsible for managing resources required to implement a Portfolio of complex projects and/or service delivery activities, as well as addressing conflicts between resource limits and time constraints.

Examples of key activities of the role include:

  • Identifying and managing dependencies between projects and service delivery activities and their resource requirements;
  • Guiding the progress and successful implementation of the Portfolio;
  • Obtaining relevant, accurate and reliable performance information and providing management information to senior management; and
  • Guiding Performance Management strategic objectives, determining changes required and potential conflicts and issues related to progress and alignment.


The role requires specific knowledge acquired by obtaining at least APM PQ qualification (or equivalent) as well as demonstrated experience in managing projects and/or service delivery activities os significant complexity. The role also requires in depth relevant work experience and the ability to shape the strategic direction of PM Function. The role will possess specific knowledge and experience that would be expected of an established professional and regularly provides information and advice as part of a professional, technical or managerial role. This would typically be the level of knowledge expected of an established Subject Matter Expert.

Function Specific content:

A Portfolio Manager at this level is likely to have a PROFICIENT working KNOWLEDGE of the following:

1: Promoting the public wider good in all actions, acting in a morally, legally and socially appropriate manner in dealings with stakeholders and members of portfolio teams and organisation
2: Selecting, developing and managing teams
3: Identifying, addressing and resolving differences between individuals and/or interest groups
4: Empowering and inspiring others to deliver successful portfolios
5: Securing the provision of resources needed for portfolios from internal and/or external providers
6: Agreeing contracts for the provision of goods and/or services, monitoring compliance and managing variances
8: Determining the best means of satisfying requirements within the context of portfolio objectives and constraints i.e. developing solutions
9: Preparing and maintaining schedules activities and events of delivery activities within portfolios, taking account of dependencies and resource requirements
10: Developing, implementing and updating resources allocations plans (other than finance) needed for all delivery and support activities within portfolios, taking account of availabilities and scheduling
11: Developing and agreeing budgets for all delivery and support activities within portfolios and controlling forecast and actual costs against them
12: Identifying and monitoring portfolio risks (threats and opportunities), planning and implementing responses to them and responding to other issues that affect portfolios
13: Developing, maintaining and applying quality management processes for activities and benefits
14: Consolidating and documenting the fundamental components of portfolios (scope, schedule, resource requirements, budgets, risks, opportunities and issues, and quality requirements)
15: Managing the integration of all delivery and support activities within portfolios, addressing the readiness of users, compatibility of work systems and the realisation of benefits
16: Planning and controlling finances of portfolios as a means of driving performance and as part of the organisation’s overall financial management
17: Preparing and maintaining an overall schedule for resource use, which avoids bottlenecks and conflicting demands, and sequencing outcomes, to enable all delivery and support activities within the portfolio.
18: Establishing and maintaining governance arrangements for the delivery of all delivery and support activities within the portfolio, defining clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, that align with organisational practice.
19: Managing stakeholders, taking account of their levels of influence and particular interests
21: Establishing and managing reviews at appropriate points during portfolios, which will inform governance of portfolios by providing evaluations of progress, methodologies and continuing relevance
22: Establishing, and implementing where necessary, protocols to change the scope of portfolios and updating configuration documents as required
25: Recommending how financial and other resources should be allocated amongst change initiatives to optimise the organisation’s return on investment
28: Managing equipment through it’s life, maintaining correct levels of serviceable and battle ready equip-ment
29: Managing supply chain.
30: Executing logistics.

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