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Expert Engineer

  • Job reference: JO0000073854
  • Type: Contract
  • Remuneration: £525.38 per day
  • Location: Fareham
  • Sector: Defence
  • Start date: 05/11/2018
  • End date: 05/11/2020
  • Application deadline: 01/11/2018
  • Security Clearance: Security Check (SC)


An Expert Engineer is required to deliver world-leading engineering research and development that significantly enhances the international engineering reputation and world-class status.


The ability to accurately determine position, orientation and velocity with respect to a common reference is critical to the employment of military power. For many years the solution has been to use a Global Positioning System receiver.
In the modern era, other Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) networks exist, such as the Chinese BeiDou, the Russian GLONASS and the European GALILEO.
But what if measurements from GNSS receivers were unavailable, were insufficiently accurate, or even misleading? As a Senior Principal Navigation Scientist within the Cyber and Information System (CIS) Division this is one of many questions that you will help us answer.

For success, a strong background in navigation technologies and techniques is essential as is an attested ability to lead, to influence, and to build durable trusted relationships with a broad range of military and non-military partners. In the role you will formulate, conduct, lead and advise on fundamental research conducted within academia and across the private sector.

As a source of expertise you will supply trusted, sensitive, specialist advice to decision makers enabling them to act as intelligent customers from both the capability delivery and economic perspectives.

You will also support them through the process of evidence-based requirements definition and solution assessment.

Key Tasks and deliverables:

  • To deliver world-leading engineering research and development that significantly enhances the international engineering reputation and world-class status.
  • To apply broad and deep engineering insight to key areas of engineering to set the strategic direction in those areas and to influence the corporate aims.
  • To lead and carry out technical innovation across a wide area of engineering to enhance capability and international reputation and deliver significant improvements to systems or products for the benefit of customers.
  • To collaborate with equivalent international specialists and provide high level technical representation to promote the delivery and pull-through of research and enhance reputation.
  • To share scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise to improve engineering capability.

Experience Required
Knowledge of most of the following:

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
  • Inertial Navigation Systems.
  • Cooperative Navigation Techniques.
  • Alternative Navigation Systems, Techniques & Technologies.
  • Navigation Systems Synergies.
  • The Operational use of Navigation Systems.
  • Navigation Data Fusion Techniques (Kalman Filters, Particle Filters, Bayesian…).
  • The Impact and Mitigations of EW & Cyber on Navigation Systems.
  • RF Signal Propagation and Reception as relating to Navigation systems.
  • Coordinate systems, reference datums and projections.
  • Terrain Databases (types, strengths, weaknesses).
  • Navigation Data Interface standards (National and International) and their application down to hardware level.
  • Trials Planning and Execution.
  • Software based modelling and simulation (of navigation systems).
  • Test harnesses for hardware in the loop testing (of navigation systems).
  • Adaptive GNSS Antenna Systems (how they work, how well they work, how they could be improved).
  • GNSS Security (Requirements and Cryptography).
  • Civil Aviation Navigation Regulations and Standards and Impact on Military Aviation. Qualifications:
  • A higher degree in Applied Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.
  • Chartership of a relevant professional body.  
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